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*Sections with Blue titles indicate features that are only available to users who have an advanced subscription level in SalesWarp.

Internal warehouse: 

Your internal warehouse should be your main warehouse. This will be used for product that you will be receiving, storing on hand, and shipping directly to customers. You should consider your internal warehouse a location where you can physically interact with your product.


NOTE:  Unless you have an advanced subscription level, you will be limited to one internal warehouse.


Multiple Internal Warehouses: Users who have access to the advanced level of the SalesWarp software, have the ability to make and manage multiple internal warehouses in SalesWarp.

FBA warehouse:

Use this warehouse for items that will be fulfilled by amazon. This allows SalesWarp to be used to assist inventory management of your amazon inventory.

Vendor warehouse: 

A vendor warehouse allows you to vendors to connect to SalesWarp, and provide inventory availability, which will increase the accuracy of your product availability on your storefronts. This allows you to include accurate dropship inventory along with your regular inventory in your storefronts inventory availability.


NOTE: Currently, dropship inventories are not able to be managed. When a dropship item is sold, and the order comes in from a storefront, the SAME amount is pushed back to the storefront, until a new quantity is received from the vendor. This could cause inventory to become inaccurate, if the vendor is selling though other channels, besides yours. We recommend you confer with your vendor and determine reasonable intervals for exchanging inventory information to keep the quantities as accurate as possible, without undue effects on processing.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at support@saleswarp.zendesk.com