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Saleswarp is an advanced order management, real-time inventory control, streamlined fulfillment and seamless channel integration application.


Our cloud-based SaaS software seamlessly syncs all sales channels, whether online or in-store, and optimizes fulfillment operations so that sellers of every size can focus on what they do best – growing their businesses while providing great service to satisfied customers.


Through a user-friendly dashboard, retail managers can view the status of their entire inventory, ordering, and shipping operations in real time, providing ease of tracking and enhanced customer service. All product delivery options are analyzed, automated, and executed for maximum speed, reduced errors, and cost efficiency, while giving customers the most personalized shopping experience possible in today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected retail, multi-channel environment.


SalesWarp enables retailers to break free from the need for complicated and time-consuming spreadsheets and multiple software applications to run their sales, inventory, and fulfillment operations. Instead, we provide a completely unified platform with the following advantages.


Saleswarp is robust and easy to use, it’s configurable, allows faster time-to-market, lower cost of ownership, and unlimited scalability. We also employ top notch application developers to execute customizations tailored to your business.



Primary functional areas


Warehouse Management


Manage internal, external (such as FBA or other 3pls) and store locations.

Manage warehouse and product locations (optional)

Receiving inventories and automatically applying from 3rd party vendors and drop-shippers


Product Management


Product Information Management, including unlimited user-defined product attributes

Product categories, as well as category mapping to Online Marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay

Serialization for products with serial numbers

Synchronization of products with online carts and marketplaces, which will pull in majority of product data, instead of it having to be created from scratch

Additional robust ability to import product data using flat files

Product publishing ability with Amazon and Ebay and flat file product feeds for other carts and storefronts.


Store Management


Built in connections for the following carts/storefronts - with unlimited unique shops



Amazon FBA - Order view only (Order submission to FBA coming soon!)


Big Commerce





Sears - coming soon!

Walmart - coming soon!


Built in connections for the following payment processors






Highly customizable templates


Purchase Orders

Drop-ship Purchase Orders

Customer Invoices

Pick Tickets and Pack Slips

Email Invoice notifications

Email Shipment notifications


Quickbooks integration


Order and Shipment Processing


Full featured order processing, including scanning orders, processing RMAs and exchanges

Real-time API Integrations for shipment processing and label printing with Endicia (USPS), UPS and Fedex.   We can also integrate automatically with consolidated shipping applications (Shipstation and Shipworks), and also with other shipping applications that can accept and generate flat files via CSV

Ability to log order related tickets documenting exception items or issues


Purchase Order Processing


Warehouse thresholds, and automatic  PO generation for fulfillment vendors

Automatic generation of Drop-ship purchase orders from customer orders based on product dropship definitions

Highly functional Purchase Order and Drop-ship Purchase Order processing and integration options.  Ability to trade information with vendors via:



Print/Snail Mail

Tracking info (also pushed back up to storefronts for visibility to customers)

Unlimited custom Vendor attributes for unique vendor data, and the ability to import into those fields from flat files

Customizable Vendor rules for shipment processing by proximity, lowest price or fastest shipping options


Customer Management


Fully user defined customer attributes for tracking unique information, and ability to import data from flat files into these fields

Ability to log customer related tickets, tied to orders or to note other items/issues

Define customer groups and pricelists


Other Tools


Robust User Management and Roles and Permissions management for users to access (or not) specific processing/functional areas

Product, Vendor, Location, Serial number and Customer import

Quickbooks integration

Custom Report writer for creating complex and varied reports, without having to be a database programmer



**Customizations and some features are not available at all subscription levels

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at support@saleswarp.zendesk.com