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###[3.1.3] - 08-28-2017


#### Added


*You can now cancel individual lineitems on Shopify orders (more stores to come)

*FBA orders now push to QuickBooks Desktop software

*Bigcommerce publishing now supports custom fields

*You can now map fields for External Warehouses

*Some new widgets and Action Links were added

*You can now convert Simple products to Kits

*SFTP is now supported for all connections

*Shopify Payments is now supported


#### Changed


*Connecting to QuickBooks Desktop now shares a UI with the other accounting packages

*When printing a Pick Ticket for a Quote Order, you can now choose a one-time template

*FTP/SFTP connection details were moved to Manage Connections and can be shared

*Order Validation now works differently. See this article for more information

*There is now an option to turn off Avalara committing


#### Fixed


*Quote Orders now work as expected with the Report Dashboard widgets

*Product imports now run faster than before




### [3.1.2] - 06-21-2017


#### Added


*Publishing for Bigcommerce and Shopify can now be done with templates.

*You can now see a product's parent configurable and/or kits on its page.

*You can now fulfill orders through LogicBroker


#### Changed


*Many performance and stability enhancements were done in this release

*A product's description now displays in a popup




*Configurable products with images now publish correctly to Shopify

*Inventory now updates correctly when fulfilling orders through FBA

*The Daily Order Report now works correctly



### [3.1.1] - 05-26-2017


#### Added


*You can now specify the upper & lower limits of Amazon Repricer rules in terms of GPM

*Bigcommerce and Shopify publishing now have optional templates for customization

*You can now specify the default vendor in the Product/Vendor import


#### Changed


*Many under-the-hood changes were made to increase performance and stability

*Orders using Avalara can now specify a product-level tax code

*All payment gateways are now up-to-date with the latest SDKs


#### Fixed


*Refunds through should now work as expected

*Order numbers for Shopify now save correctly

*Reorder settings now work correctly



### [3.1.0] - 2017-05-12


#### Added


*You can now manage your custom box sizes for quicker shipping through the Shipping API

*USB scales are now supported for auto-calculating a package's weight on the Pick screen

*You can now finely control which carriers are used for various conditions

*You can now enable/disable return labels within the Rate Shop screen

*EDI documents are now supported for Dropship and Purchase Orders

*We can now fetch rates/labels for UPS SurePost and Mail Innovations

*Child product variation names are now displayed on Pick Tickets

*The Amazon Repricer now supports calculated fields for limits

*Several new reports have added to the standard reports page

*You can now show custom attributes on various listing pages

*Support for a pipe delimeter | in CSV files has been added

*Setting to automatically send Dropship Orders to vendors

*Thermal printers are now supported to print ZPL labels

*Several internal tools to help diagnose client issues

*Some new Fraud Checks have been added


#### Changed


*Separated the Order Ship Check into separate Pick and Pack screens

*Sending tracking information to Bigcommerce now uses their codes

*Inventory is now being managed for FBA and Vendor warehouses

*Errors with carriers in the Shipping API are now handled better

*Rebuild the Inventory module for robustness and logging


#### Fixed


*The weight unit now displays on shipping labels correctly in all cases

*Quantities and prices on the Pack screen now display correctly

*Canceling an order now handles already-shipped items correctly

*Product imports with Manufacturer now works as expected

*Google Shopping feed templates now work correctly

*Orders now pull correctly from all stores



### [3.0.9] - 2017-03-17


#### Added


*The Saleswarp Shipping API now supports International shipping through Endicia to 57 countries!

*An addtional location barcode format was added and is now supported

*New PDF report showing the number of packages shipped by carrier

*You can now see the field list for each report prior to running it

*FedEx SmartPost shipping labels are now supported


#### Changed


*If you use Avalara, and the rate changes before payment is fully received, you are now fully covered

*The product sync will now attempt to fix some data issues relating to configurable products

*The date fields when creating a new PO, now auto-populate with today's date


#### Fixed


*A bug was fixed that was allowing you to add a Configurable product to an order

*An issue with an invoice term not saving in the customer record for the first time

*Duplicates were sometimes showing during product search on order forms

*eBay orders that use Global Shipping Program now ship correctly

*Refunds to BrainTree payments over $1,000 now work correctly

*Modifying an order with kits on it now works correctly

*Multiple fixes were made to eBay product sync



### [3.0.8] - 2017-02-27


#### Added


*Several new Fraud Checks relating to IP address, email address, country, state and more

*B2B clients can now easily invoice their customers for orders placed in SalesWarp

*You now have greater visibility when balance is due or items have not shipped

*Four new reports were added and users can now select their local timezone

*You can now apply a discount after an order has been placed

*Additional searches added to the F2 Hot Key functionality


#### Changed


*The Order Ship Check screen has been completely rebuilt in preparation for some exciting new features... stay tuned

*Labels printed through the Shipping API now show the customer order code

*See critical information on import screens help make choices easier

*Order forms are now tighter and easier to navigate


#### Fixed


*When modifying an order, the original order's price is now used instead of the Unit Price

*Adding quantity to kits from components now works as expected when using locations

*Canceling an order now updates the Quantity Canceled correctly

*Vendors that use custom attributes now display correctly

*Discounts now transfer over when modifying an order



### [3.0.7] - 2017-02-08


#### Added


*Ability to choose from a buffet of fraud rules on a per-store or global basis, including specific ones for Volusion and Shopify

*When selecting to use Shipworks, there is now a link to their documentation

*Change the font size and color in certain listing pages' datatables

*Brand new reporting module for faster, more standardized reports

*We now support committing to Avalara tax calculation service

*We have a new connection to PartsAuthority as a Vendor

*Create custom fields that are calculations of other fields

*New Inventory import with a limit of 500k rows

*Custom attributes for product-vendors

*Refund an RMA to a Gift Card


#### Changed


*You now pre-choose the method to send Dropship and Purchase Orders on the vendor page

*Most existing imports now have a limit of 100k rows to ensure system performance

*Improved screen for Refund without RMA including option to refund to a Gift Card

*Partial payments on orders now will not proceed until payment is received in full

*We rebuilt our Shopify order pull connector to be more robust and performant

*Order notes now have a new simplified structure that makes sense

*Rebuilt the variation mapping module for Amazon publishing

*Improved performance of hundreds of pages system-wide


#### Fixed


*Modifying an order that has the same lineitem twice due to routing decisions now combines them

*Importing an .XLSX file containing special characters in the file name are now handled correctly

*Refunds applied to an order now show on the original order page

*Extra spaces in SKUs are now stripped during Product Sync

*Fixed inconsistencies between several order form pages

*The PO and Dropship logs were sometimes out of order

*POs with really large amounts now work correctly



### [3.0.6] - 2017-01-23


#### Added


*Sphinx fast-search for the product listing page. Contact a customer service representative to enable

*Direct file upload for inventory updates to Shopify as a way to avoid API limits

*If there is a SKU mismatch on an incoming order, you can now edit the SKU

*Orders can now be marked Tax Exempt for processing through Avalara

*We now support publishing any product to the Bigcommerce platform

*The ability to reject rates from the Shipping API and ship manually

*Customer service reps can now more easily solve system issues

*Show the order date and configurable variations on pick tickets

*You can now requeue any job that got stuck

*New option to display totals in pick tickets

*More fields in Pending Order Report


#### Changed


*More comprehensive publisher checks for configurable parents and children

*Change the way to map variation values in Amazon publishing templates

*Orders from Magento now will only pull in if they are fully paid for

*Rebuilt internal logging system for several modules


#### Fixed


*In some cases, the Shipping API opened even when your warehouse was set to use a different shipping software

*Scanning items in Order Ship Check for more than 1,000 quantity now work correctly

*Mapping the Manufacturer name in publisher mappings now works as expected

*Some open POs were not listed on the product page on the Vendor tab

*Order payments are now pulling in correctly for Bigcommerce orders

*Some changes to Magento publisher to allow for automated tests

*Refunds were not displaying the full amount in some cases

*Repushing tracking info now works correctly for all stores



### [3.0.5] - 2017-01-03


#### Added


* The ability to show any product attribute on a pick ticket. Really handy

* Option to select a barcode location with the mouse in a few areas of order fulfillment


#### Changed


* We rebuilt all exports to be more stable and efficient

* Walmart orders now come in, even when you have a lot of 'em

* Addresses are now formatted according to the address's locale



#### Fixed


* Fedex labels through the Shipping API now slides smoothly

* Multiple product locations now show correctly on pick tickets

* Reserved quantity is now getting released at long last in all cases

* Quantity is now set correctly when using the Product Location import



### [3.0.4]


#### Added


* Integration with [Avalara]( tax automation software

* View a CSV, XLSX or ODS file directly in Saleswarp. Very useful for imports

* The Product Sync for Shopify can optionally tie products to their vendors

* Ability to combine Pick Tickets and Packing Slips for printing

* A few new reports have been added to the standard core

* New standard field for identifying a problem customer

* More machine tests reaching remote parts of Saleswarp

* Brand-new publisher for Shopify for all products

* Lineitem-level taxes for Wholesale orders


#### Changed


* Rebuilt screens for manual shipping to improve consistency and stability

* Richer feedback when pushing inventory and prices to online stores

* The import page now shows all possible fields to import

* Big boost in performance for file import validation

* Various UI tweaks to order and RMA pages

* Order pages now show images


#### Fixed


* Fixed an issue with a message was displaying incorrectly when trying to buy postage from Endicia

* We fixed a hole where you could tie a child product to 2 parent configurable products

* The Product Sync for Shopify now correctly pulls price & status

* Ensure a phone number is always provided for the Shipping API

* Various tweaks and improvements under-the-hood

* Corrected shipping cost for FBA orders





### [3.0.3]  -   2016-11-23


#### Added


* Ability to merge two customer records

* Two new report widgets: Action Links and KPIs

* Verify vendors are receiving emails by sending a test

* Setup and use product Upsells and Cross Sells in wholesale orders


#### Changed


* Phone numbers are now formatted according to locale

* More automated tests for store connectors


#### Fixed


* A permission issue with imports










### [3.0.2] - 2016-11-11


#### Added


* Ability to print location barcodes in bulk, on a standard or thermal label printer

* Integration with [Volusion]( Ecommerce Software

* Integration with [Walmart]( Marketplace

* Greater visibility into files pulled from FTP servers (vendor inventory and Dropship shipping)

* Slick user-to-user messaging system built right into Saleswarp

* New report "Product Proofread Report by Store" to help proofread product data during onboarding


#### Changed


* Improvements to the Amazon repricer tool


#### Fixed


* A customer's company name is getting sent to QuickBooks Online

* Vendor pages are more consistent

* Pushing orders to FBA works as expected

* All tracking numbers push to Shopify correctly

* Inventory now push correctly to Bigcommerce for all product types

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