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Order management/Shipment processing -> Pick, Pack and Ship 


As of version 3.1.0 the pick/pack order steps have been reworked and made into separate processes.


After the print pick ticket order step, the next option to show up will just be called "pick".


A popup will appear that will require you to scan in the SKU of the item you are picking.


NOTE: you can also type in the SKU if you don't have access to a scanner. After you type in the SKU you will need to hit enter on your keyboard to proceed.


Next you will be presented with a screen where you may scan in the location barcode for the product and choose how much of the product you are picking from that location.


TIP: You can easily pick different product quantities from different warehouse locations with feature.


Once all products have been picked you will see the line item row the product turn green.


NOTE: You can do partial pick, pack, and ship on an order any way you would like. Clicking submit when the order is not fully picked will take you to the pack and ship steps for only the quantity that was just picked. Once you have shipped those items you will be taken back to the pick screen to pick more items from the order.


The next order step you will see will be called "pack".


Proceeding with this order step will open a popup showing customer shipping information, carrier shipping information (if using shipping API), the items that you had just picked in the last step, and the order pricing breakdown.


Once you click submit, your order will be marked as complete.


NOTE: If you still have additional items in the order that need to be picked, the next order step will show as "pick".The process will repeat till all items in the order have been shipped. If you are manually shipping your order, the order step will show "shipping (manual)" as the next step. You will have to complete the manual ship step before the order is marked as complete.

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