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Customer management -> Customer groups and price levels -> Price levels 


Price levels allow you to specify unique prices for individual products. These price levels can activate for individual customers when linked to a customer group, giving a customer the unique price specified, rather than the original price of the item.


To begin using customer price levels, you will first need to turn on price levels in the configuration settings under Admin->Configurations. The price levels option is found under the "General" tab in the "Others" section. If the "Price_level" box is not checked, check the box and click save in the upper right hand corner.


Now that customer price levels have been enabled, navigate to Customers->Customer price levels->Price levels.


You will now be on the price levels page. Here you can add, edit, or delete price levels in SalesWarp. To create a new price level, click the "Add price level" button in the upper left hand corner.


You will now need to enter in a name for your price level. Click save when finished.


You will now have the ability to set a custom price level for any product in SalesWarp!


To edit a price level for a product, begin by navigating to the products list in SalesWarp, and clicking the pencil  icon in the products row to edit it. Under the products price section you will see a new field that shows the name of your price level and a box next to it where you can enter in the price for your price level.


Once you choose your price and click save, any customer that is in a customer group that has that price level linked will see that specific price instead of the original price for the product.

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