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Customer management -> Customer groups and price levels -> Customer groups 


Customer groups allow you to assign your customers to custom groupings in SalesWarp. These groupings can also include customer price levels, which give you the power to specify unique product prices for customers assigned to that group.


To make a new customer group, navigate to Customers->Customer price levels->Customer groups.


You will now be on the customer groups page. Here you can see all of your customer groups, as well as add, delete, and edit customer groups.


To add a new customer group, click on the "add customer group" button in the upper left hand corner of the page.


You will now be on the new customer group page. You will need to enter a name for the customer group. Additionally, if you have customer price levels turned on, you can assign a price level to your customer group as well.


Once you have entered in the name for your customer group, click save in the upper right hand corner.


The table on the customer group page will now show your customer group!


To assign a customer to a specific group, create or edit a customer and choose your customer group from the drop down menu under the "Group" field.

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