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The customer tickets section of SalesWarp is where you can view any customer tickets you create for a customer ticket. This table page can be found under Customers -> Customer Tickets



A customer ticket is used to report on issues you have had with a customer (such as a transaction dispute, fraudulent order, or other general issues).


To create a customer ticket you need to first view the customer that you wish to create a ticket for. You can do this by searching for a customer in the customers section of SalesWarp.


If you are viewing an order from a customer and you wish to put in a customer ticket, you can simply click on the customers name to pull up their information.


Once you are viewing the customers information, click on the "Tickets" tab on the left hand side of the page.


This will pull up a table containing all the past/ongoing tickets for the current customer. Ensure that you are on the "Customer Tickets" tab, as indicated above the table, and click on the "Create Ticket" button.



Now, enter in the ticket information requested on the screen. Click on submit when done.


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