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Warehouses -> Setting up a vendor warehouse


Using a vendor warehouse in SalesWarp enables you to use a vendor facility in the same way you would use an internal warehouse in SalesWarp. This gives you the ability to ship orders directly from a vendor warehouse, view vendor inventory feeds inside of SalesWarp, and include stock quantities of the vendor warehouse in your total quantity on hand, with the distinct advantage of not having to physically stock and store the extra inventory.



Vendor warehouses are only available at the advanced subscription level of SalesWarp. Those subscribing to the essentials version of SalesWarp will NOT have access to this feature. In order to utilize a vendor warehouse in SalesWarp, you will need to add the vendor that you wish to use into SalesWarp before creating the vendor warehouse.


Creating a vendor warehouse:

Once the above prerequisites have been met, navigate to Warehouses -> Warehouses.


On the top left hand side of the page, click on the  button.


On the new page that shows up, you will be able to edit your warehouses information.


Begin by entering a name for your warehouse. Next, ensure that the ware house type selected is vendor.


Under the field that says vendor, select the vendor that you wish to link to the vendor ware house you are creating.


Finally, make sure the warehouse status is marked as enabled, and the "consider inventory for sales" box is checked.


You will need to enter the address information for the vendor in the Address/ Contact tab on the right hand side.


You may also want to set up your accounting account under the "Accounting" tab on the left hand side of the page.


Be sure to click save!


Once you are finished, go to Warehouses -> Warehouses and make sure and click on the eye  icon in the row of your newly created vendor warehouse.


To view the inventory of the vendor warehouse, click on the "Inventory" tab. This will bring up a list of the inventory available from the vendor ware house and most up to date stock quantities in the warehouse.



The last thing you may want to do is set up your shipping connections for the vendor. By default, the shipping connection for the vendor warehouse will be set to manual. If you wish to use a different connection, click on the "Ship Orders" tab. You can either keep the ship connection manual, or use another software tool as the shipping connection (such as FTP, Mysql, or an API).

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