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The fraud check features in SalesWarp allow you to set screening parameters for orders handled by SalesWarp. SalesWarp will automatically screen any orders and flag any orders that are suspected fraud. Orders that are flagged will require a manual review and approval/denial before the order can be processed fully.


Currently, SalesWarp provides a total of 21 fraud check parameters. On first set up only a few of these will be enabled by default.


To customize your fraud check parameters, begin by navigating to Orders/Shipping -> Order Management -> Fraud Checks.


This will bring you to the screen containing all the available fraud check options. Items with a green  switch are enabled in SalesWarp, where a red  switch indicates that an item is disabled. To enable/disable any option just click on the switch of that option.


Fraud check options can be universally applied to all of your stores in SalesWarp, or selectively applied to store types. You can configure this by pressing the select stores button at the end of any options row.


Most fraud check options have parameters that can be further customized by clicking the update button in that options row. Be sure you enable the fraud check option before click on the update button.


Parameters that can be set vary for each fraud check option. In the options we are viewing we have the ability to define how many orders (X) can be made by one customer with in a certain number of hours (Y) before it will be flagged for review.

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