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Connecting an Avalara tax account:

In this section we will go over how to set up a tax account in SalesWarp. We will also look at connecting your tax account to individual storefronts in SalesWarp.


Begin by going to order/shipping > order management > tax accounts



Click on connect new account



Enter in a name for your tax account, select the “Avalara” tile, then click next in the upper right hand corner



Enter in the credentials for your tax account



The document prefix field allows you to set a prefix for tax documents in Avalara

If you want SalesWarp to commit any tax transactions, check the box that says commit

To set the tax profile in test mode check the box next to text mode

Click the verify button in the upper right hand corner to verify the credentials

If your credentials verified, you can now click the next button

Fill out the required contact details fields



You're done the first part! Click finish



Continue onto the next section in order to link your tax account to your stores


Setting up a tax account on a store front:


Go to Stores > stores



Click the edit button on what ever store you want to add the tax account to



Go to the orders tab of the store



Under the section labeled tax account, select the tax account you want to use for the store from the drop down menu




Click save in the upper right hand corner to save your changes. Your tax account is now set up for your store!

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