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If you have not yet read how to create a simple product in SalesWarp, we recommend you review that section before continuing. The following section will assume you already know the process to set up a simple product. This section also assumes you know what a kit product is, and what it is used for inside of SalesWarp.


In the upper left hand corner of the product page click "add kit product".


The set up for a kit product is almost identical to the setup of a simple product. Go ahead and make the product to your specifications just like you would with a simple product.


Once you have done the above, click on the "components" tab on the left of the side of the screen. This is where you will be able to add the "components" that will make up your kit product.


Search for a product you want to add to the kit product. When the product you were looking for shows up, check the box under the ID column of the table and enter in the quantity of the product that will be present in the kit under the "quantity" column.


Be sure to hit save when youre done!

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