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Product type:


Simple product

The standard product type. Used when an individual product is added into SalesWarp.

Configurable product

This product type is used to generate a SKU that has multiple order options (such as a shirt that has multiple size and color options for a customer to choose from).

Kit product

This product type is used when a SKU is needed for a product that consists of multiple different products (such as a tent kit that would consist of the tarp and the tent poles).





The products primary key in SalesWarp. Unique to each product added into SalesWarp.


The products name in sales warp.

Product Type

The type specification of a product. The only product types available are: simple, configurable, or kit.


A product identifier that is completely unique from product to product. No two products can have the same SKU.

Quantity on Hand

The current quantity on hand of a product. This is the quantity of a product you have that is free and able to be sold (I.E. in stock and not reserved).


How much an item is sold for.

Quantity Reserved

The quantity of items that are reserved by customers. This value will reflect any inventory that is ordered by a customer but not removed from physical inventory yet.


Displays "active" if the SKU is active in inventory.


Shows a quick overview of the products order history. This is accessed by pressing the green plus in the row of a product.

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